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The Dream Team

What Does The Dream Team Mean To You?

Michele - A team can be comprised of many successful and talented individuals, however if they do not complement each other and work cohesively nothing flows. For sure we do not have this problem with our team, the synergy, respect and cohesive teamwork is paralleled to nothing I have seen before!


Troy - The Dream Team is a similar vision between three people that fully respect each other!  Together we are unstoppable, with Michele's huge heart and love for the horses and Chauncey's dedication and overall want to be the best we can move mountains!

Tonight we sit around a campfire in from of the maternity barn and tell stories, stories of the Arabian horse and the impact they have played on our lives. It is beyond impressive to listen and soak in the history within this team, the Shellbird Dream Team! Over 100 years of experience lie amongst this team, years of knowledge, passion and talent creating a truly dynamic force! With legendary names such as DA Valentino & Bey Shah running rapid through the heart of Michele, with rich history of the Lasma days flooding Chauncey with passion and excitement to be the best he can be and show ring successes that are in Troys past present and future as you can imagine this campfire is one to be remembered. Next to me is a memorial stone for Bey Shah and just down the driveway is a beautiful 2 year old colt by Bey Shah keeping his legend alive and making old blood new again. I sit and watch this Dream Team discuss their immediate future with Scottsdale only a few weeks away and I see their synergistic excitement to present the best of Shellbird at the worlds largest Arabian show. It is beyond evident to me that great things are to come, this Dream Team is unstoppable and passionate, you wait and watch!