October Forum

We thank you for your interest in our first online forum dedicated to the improvement and betterment of our breed.  We must all band together to make the necessary changes!



Date - October 7th
Time - 1PM MST
Location - Facebook Live with Shellbird & Arabhorse

Live Links 

Host - Michele Pfeifer & Chauncey Flemings of Shellbird Inc - Silt, CO
Mediator - Al Parks of Al Abbasiyah Arabians - Tucson, AZ

We have personally read through each of the hundreds of emails, Facebook messages, Text messages as well as noted all phone conversations and have summarized all of your concerns in the agenda below.  These topics will be discussed live during the forum.  You will be able to ask questions during the forum by submitting comments of the live feed screen.  Between now and the start of the live feed aditional topics, questions or concerns are highly welcomed and can be submitted to Michele@Shellbird.com



How To Watch?

At 1pm MST on Oct 7th log into your Facebook account and visit one of the two pages listed below, or simply click one of the two Live Links listed above.  We will come on LIVE to both of those pages to discuss the agenda below.  Should you have a comment or question simply submit a comment on the live feed and we will do our best to read and address all of the questions submitted.

Can't watch on Facebook?  
Questions can also be called into or emailed into the email address and phone number below:





1.            We must bring back the fun of showing and owning of Arabians.

2.            More support for the smaller breeder.

3.            Reduce the costs involved in showing.

4.            Consolidation of Regionals 


1.             No hard stand up.  We would like to see our horses shown in a more relaxed fashion.

2.             Ensure that our ring stewards are executing their authority completely to ensure the best welfare for our horses

3.              Reduce influence of professional trainers by creating amateur only and small breeder incentives.



1.            Trainers cannot be judges.

2.            Create a judges fund – Add a judges fee to each entry.  This fee will pay for the salaries and schooling of our judges.

3.            Change scoring system (judge against our breed standard) 



More About Us


Michele Pfeifer

Michele has always been & always will be a ranch girl. Growing up on a ranch with horses, cattle, siblings and copious amounts of hard work led to the creation of Michele's drive and relentless work ethic. From gluing herself to the foaling monitor and delivering a client's foal at midnight to meticulously inspecting stalls to make sure they are cleaned correctly, Michele takes a hands on approach to the care of all the animals in her keeping.

Horses have always been a staple part of Michele's life with a wide variety of breeds & disciplines including Hunter Jumpers, Cutting, Barrel Racing & Team Roping.  The Arabians became a part of Micheles life in 1978 when she was living across the street from Lasma in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Her first Arabian was purchased from Lasma and the love of this breed has never stop growing.  Rising Hearts Ranch currently is home to over 40 Arabians with a wonderful foal crop coming this year.  When asked what Michele's most memorable experience thus far with the Arabian horse she struggled to come up with just one and this industry has been very rewarding.  A most recent experience that will always be special in her heart was the 2015 Region 4 show.  Her favorite horse Mi Regalo Di Angelo (Reggie) was named the Champion Stallion with Chauncey Flemings at the lead.  This was not only Reggie's first show but also the first win that was received by a fully in house team!  It was the beginning of many wins for this Dream Team!  Another very memorable moment was being named the USEF Breeder of the Year in 2016!

In having a conversation with Michele about the first time she laid eyes on the infamous stallion Bey Shah, her arm hairs stood straight up & her expression turned from one of casual conversation to absolute, 100% enthrallment. This enthrallment carries on to all the other horses that have passed through her life from Arabians to Cutting Horses & more. There is just a love for the individual animal that cannot be measured.

Speaking of animals in her keeping, Michele and Shellbird Inc. have acquired quite the collection of animals. A true animal lover, Michele has a hard time not welcoming new members to her animal family. This family collection includes incredibly affectionate barn cats, chickens, geese, staff members' dogs who are invited to spend their days working on the farm with their owners, the horses and Michele's 3 champion bred Belgian Tervurens. 

When time permits, Michele takes joy in capturing the elegancy of nature through photography. This has been an ongoing passion that has developed through the years and continues to provide much joy. However, there never seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all the goals and projects Michele has in mind and the horses always come first. 



Chauncey Flemings

Chauncey's 35 years of experience in the Arabian Industry come with much talent, education, and horsemanship.  The value in his showmanship experience is second to none, with ring time at all the largest shows across the country Chauncey is a great asset to Shellbird.  His show ring experience includes US Nationals, Canadian Nationals, Scottsdale, Arabian Breeders World Cup and many different Regionals.  He has brought home roses for both US and Canadian Nationals along with numerous Regional Championships.

As a young boy Chauncey was always drawn to horses, specifically the Arabian horse!  Starting at the age of 9 Chauncey begun working around his neighborhood saving money to purchase his first horse.  He even painted a neighbors house in exchange for a truck so he would have a vehicle to haul his future horse.  His early dedication was quite impressive and noticed by all through out his career!  Final Chauncey had saved enough money and in the spring he attended the annual auction at Lacey's Arabian Farm where he purchased a wonderful colt that went on to have a successful performance career.  This colt taught Chauncey a lot about horsemanship as he was not an easy horse.  Every day for the first year Chauncey made a phone call to Merl Lacey asking questions and advice.  At the end of the year Merl was intrigued with Chauncey's perseverance and wanted to help him, so he offered for the colt to come back to his farm and for Chauncey to come and assist with the training.  Chauncey jumped at the opportunity and soaked up as much information as he could.  From there Chauncey went on to work for so many other highly influential people throughout the industry including Midwest Training Centre, Ka Talpa Arabians, Stachowski Farms, Lasma, Rosecrest Arabians, Saddle Rock Ranch, Nicasio Valley, Star World and now his final stop Shellbird Inc.

Chauncey's Arabian experience extends far beyond the states.  He has exposure in South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Sweden, Poland, and Germany!  The list of horses he has worked with is equally impressive including: Aladdin, Probat, Anastasia MBF, Sorority Miss, Thunder Rolls, Padrovka, Absolutely Charming, Rave Review, Wall Street WC and Aladdin Echo just to name a few.

In 1994 Chauncey made a difficult but very smart decision to take a short break from the Arabian horses and go back to school.  He quickly earned a Bachelors Degree in both Biology & Animal Health Science.  After college he went on to start and manage his own multi-million dollar construction company.  As all of us horse lovers do, his heart drew him back to the Arabian Horse as a career and he began working for Shellbird In in 2013.  Throughout his college days and construction days he always owned and bred a few Arabian horses staying in-tune with the industry but from a different angle.  

Since Chauncey has joined Shellbird we have brought home over 20 Regional Championships and Reserve Championships along with titles in Vegas and Scottsdale.  We look forward to many more years of success under his educated and passionate guidance.


Al Parks

My involvement with the Arabian horse started in 1965 with the purchase of a part-bred Arabian mare and then shortly thereafter, I acquired my first Purebred, a young stallion by the name of Na Qua Sera, a Rafden son out of a mare named Na Sitt.  My passion for the Arabian horse led me to the Asil, Straight Egyptian Arabian horse, and in 1983  along with my wife, we started our farm Al Abbasiyah which is involved in the breeding and marketing of Straight Egyptian Arabians horses throughout Europe and the Middle East.  One of our accomplishments was being the first farm in all of North America to sell and ship horses back to Kuwait in after the first Gulf War, in 1994.

My experiences have been in training, showing, breeding and marketing and our farm has been in business for over 44 years.