Chauncey Flemings

Chauncey's 35 years of experience in the Arabian Industry come with much talent, education, and horsemanship.  The value in his showmanship experience is second to none, with ring time at all the largest shows across the country Chauncey is a great asset to Shellbird.  His show ring experience includes US Nationals, Canadian Nationals, Scottsdale, Arabian Breeders World Cup and many different Regionals.  He has brought home roses for both US and Canadian Nationals along with numerous Regional Championships.

As a young boy Chauncey was always drawn to horses, specifically the Arabian horse!  Starting at the age of 9 Chauncey begun working around his neighborhood saving money to purchase his first horse.  He even painted a neighbors house in exchange for a truck so he would have a vehicle to haul his future horse.  His early dedication was quite impressive and noticed by all through out his career!  Final Chauncey had saved enough money and in the spring he attended the annual auction at Lacey's Arabian Farm where he purchased a wonderful colt that went on to have a successful performance career.  This colt taught Chauncey a lot about horsemanship as he was not an easy horse.  Every day for the first year Chauncey made a phone call to Merl Lacey asking questions and advice.  At the end of the year Merl was intrigued with Chauncey's perseverance and wanted to help him, so he offered for the colt to come back to his farm and for Chauncey to come and assist with the training.  Chauncey jumped at the opportunity and soaked up as much information as he could.  From there Chauncey went on to work for so many other highly influential people throughout the industry including Midwest Training Centre, Ka Talpa Arabians, Stachowski Farms, Lasma, Rosecrest Arabians, Saddle Rock Ranch, Nicasio Valley, Star World and now his final stop Shellbird Inc.

Chauncey's Arabian experience extends far beyond the states.  He has exposure in South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Sweden, Poland, and Germany!  The list of horses he has worked with is equally impressive including: Aladdin, Probat, Anastasia MBF, Sorority Miss, Thunder Rolls, Padrovka, Absolutely Charming, Rave Review, Wall Street WC and Aladdin Echo just to name a few.

In 1994 Chauncey made a difficult but very smart decision to take a short break from the Arabian horses and go back to school.  He quickly earned a Bachelors Degree in both Biology & Animal Health Science.  After college he went on to start and manage his own multi-million dollar construction company.  As all of us horse lovers do, his heart drew him back to the Arabian Horse as a career and he began working for Shellbird In in 2013.  Throughout his college days and construction days he always owned and bred a few Arabian horses staying in-tune with the industry but from a different angle.  

Since Chauncey has joined Shellbird we have brought home over 20 Regional Championships and Reserve Championships along with titles in Vegas and Scottsdale.  We look forward to many more years of success under his educated and passionate guidance.