Silvia M. Stocker, DVM

Dr. Silvia Stocker is the on-call Veterinary for Shellbird Inc. and we are eternally grateful for the years of experience, patience, outstanding skill and care she brings to the collection of horses kept in our care. We invite you to read more about our trusted Veterinarian and friend...

Dr. Silvia Stocker was born and raised in Switzerland. After high school she successfully completed a 3 year training program to receive the "Swiss Federal Certificate as a Horse Trainer". She subsequently worked for several years as a horse trainer and barn manager for "Knie's Swiss National Circus", working mainly with gorgeous stallions of several breeds, amongst others, of course, Arabians.

Longing for further education and new daily challenges she embarked on the journey to fulfill her dream to become an equine veterinarian. Such journey brought her to the US, more specifically to Fort Collins, CO, where she studied to receive a bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences, and finally her DVM from Colorado State University. She still is convinced, that "nothing better could have happened to me than ending up at CSU, and in Colorado!"

After veterinary school, she got accepted into and completed an intense internship at one of the biggest privately owned and very busy equine hospitals in Ocala, FL. But homesick for the mountains and some snow, she came back to Colorado and the Rocky Mountains, and started her own, ambulatory only, equine practice out of Eagle, CO; the place she now calls her home and where she lives with "the love of her life", Ron, and their two dogs Fuzzy and Russell. And just last summer, they purchased their first own horse , Al-Ahmar, "the bay". Surprisingly, he is an Arabian!